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In the last few years Mongoose Motorsports has been transformming itself into the leader in 1963 GrandSport and 1984-1988 GTP Replicas.

Mongoose believes that their business needs to run like their performance vehicles. They have taken all of the necessary precautions and made preparations to continue their storied growth and keep customer satisfaction at its highest level.

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Last spring we received an exciting phone call, we almost couldnt believe what they were saying. The voice on the other end of the phone asked us if we could build several of our Grand Sport Roadsters for a major motion picture. We were being given the opportunity to become a part of the Fast and furious car family. With little thought and even smaller timeline we accpeted. It was a big opportunity and an even greater challenge but it was the fast and furious right?

And so it began, the deadline was set, and we started building frames and bodies. As cars came together we sent them out to the production company. Everything was kept very quiet, this was going to be a big blockbuster and we were going to be apart of it.

The 1963 Grand Sport is a very cool car and ends up jumping out of a train, bouncing across the dessert and flying off into a ravine. A great ending to a sweet project for us.

We continue to custom build these cars so we can make them available to you. We can build you an exact replica as seen in the movie or one to suit your specific tastes. Our roadsters start at $64,995 and can be be outfitted for your every need and want. These cars arent just for show, they are a true performance vehicle.

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Now featuring some of the hardest and virtually non-existant peices for your Grand Sport and GTP Replicars. Mongoose has developed and produced many custom and unique pieces to customize and upgrade your supercar. We also have an array of collectible merchandise and quality take-off parts to browse, click here and check it out!

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At Mongoose, you can select every detail of your build. Choose the right drivetrain, chassis components, wheels, and just about anything else you want right down to your favorite color.

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